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What Taylor Swift Teaches Us About Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Brand Strategy Entrepreneurship

T-Swift’s success has tremendous business insight, and it’s clear we can learn about long-term entrepreneurship success from her. Let’s see what Taylor Swift teaches us about brand strategy and business!

If you’ve been anywhere online over the last month or two, you’ve probably heard about the iconic Eras Tour. Now I wouldn’t say I’m a diehard T-Swift fan, but I just can’t ignore one of the biggest music tours going on right now, especially when the artist has also made history with 10 of her albums hitting the Billboard 200 SIMULTANEOUSLY. I mean, how do you even DO that?! And it got me thinking… there have to be some valuable lessons here in strategy and entrepreneurship. Because it sure seems like T-Swift’s success has tremendous business insight. So, let’s see what Taylor Swift teaches us about brand strategy. After all, that’s what we’re all after, right?! Those long work days and late nights at the computer should ultimately amount to you reflecting on your business with words like:

T-swift Takeaways

So, here are three takeaways that are sure to spice up 🧂 your brand and have you saying, “We Are Never Getting Back Together” with any boring old business strategies (oh yeah, we’re going there with the puns):

  • Adapt or be left behind: No matter the era of her music you love most, Taylor Swift has shown her ability to adapt and grow in her musical style, which has helped to keep her relevant. Now, I’m not saying throw out your core values and follow every trend. If anything, T-Swift is Fearless-ly herself. But, in a world where there’s a new AI tool or social media platform every time we sneeze, we can take a note from her page: We need to stay flexible to be consistently relevant in the marketplace.🤸
  • Authentic storytelling: How could we not mention this?! Taylor’s vulnerability in her music has helped her connect with fans on a deeper level, ultimately creating a pool of dedicated “Swifties” (err, brand advocates) that relentlessly fill stadiums and even boost local economies. 💸 How? She’s a master at weaving captivating stories and emotions from her life into her music. If you can harness the power of storytelling and align it with your tone of voice, you’ll create a relatable and scalable business (no one-hit wonders to see here).
  • Collaboration is the new cool: T-Swift’s impressive career has been fueled by her ability to team up with other artists, producers, and songwriters, leading to some of her biggest hits. As entrepreneurs, we should take a cue from Taylor and embrace a collaborative mindset (we’re all about community over competition here at Salt 🤝). As long as it resonates with your target audience and your business goals, I encourage you to seek out partnerships with other brands or individuals to expand your reach and amplify your message. Plus, you’ll likely gain some supportive biz-friends along the way!

In your strategy era

Taylor Swift’s success story holds valuable lessons for us business owners. By incorporating these takeaways, you can add some spice to your brand and leave behind brand and marketing efforts that don’t support you long-term. Ready to enter into your strategy era? I’d love to help you dive into your brand strategy. Get in touch, and let’s chat!


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