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where story-led strategy and aftful design intertwine

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working our magic to design a brand experience so memorable your audience does a double-take

We help ambitious solopreneur and small business owners ditch uncertainty and rise up with a transformed brand experience that makes waves in their industry.

Our secret sauce? One part strategy, one part storytelling, one part artful visuals, all mixed together into a process we like to think of as designing the connection between your purpose and your people. Our goal is that you'll come away with cohesive elements that are brought to life in a way you can't wait to show off and your target audience can't ignore.

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We believe that authenticity is the foundation of great design. We recognize that every business and project is unique, and we believe that a tailored approach is essential to creating value and achieving success. Our commitment to authenticity means that we acknowledge the power of telling your story through design and strategy. By intertwining your story into our work, we bring a brand experience to life that is memorable and true to your brand. To achieve this and to truly season your brand, authenticity is a key ingredient.


at the foundation of every brand is a unique story

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At our studio, we believe that having fun is the best part of the creative process. We approach each project with a sense of playfulness and curiosity, knowing that this mindset often leads to breakthrough ideas and innovative solutions. We strive to create a work environment that is inspiring, supportive, collaborative, and enjoyable, and we believe that this approach allows us to deliver results while also genuinely enjoying the process. We believe that having fun is not just a perk, but an essential ingredient to unlocking creativity and producing exceptional work.

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we think business transformation is super exciting! 

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At our creative design studio, every projects begins with strategy. We value substance more than something that’s just nice to look at, and the key ingredient here is that strategy method. We believe that a thoughtful and well-executed strategy is essential to achieving your goals and creating a lasting brand experience. In our eyes, a successful strategy is rooted in data and research, and also takes into account the human element of the brand. We strive to create strategies that are not only effective but also authentic, resonant, and meaningful.


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we value substance more than something simply nice to look at

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Transformation is the ultimate goal behind what we do. We believe that the attention to detail, our artful edge, a passion for transformation, and the strategy that goes into every aspect of our work is what sets us apart. Investing in your brand experience has the power to transform your business from what is to what can be. By working closely together, we can craft a brand experience that is truly aligned with your vision and industry. We excitedly become our clients' biggest cheerleaders, working together as your partner in achieving your goals and bringing transformation to your brand.


taking your business from what is to what can be

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interior design // counseling // executive coaches // remodeling // copywriters // financial advisors // photographers // florists // health and wellness // and more

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meet emma

I'm Emma, owner, lead strategist and designer at Saltd Studio. I'm a former professional ballerina with a love for crafting meaningful branding and design that has an artful edge. I'm a goal-getter (maybe it's all those vanilla lattes?) and creative at heart. I'm here to empower businesses to unlock their potential and grow with purpose and passion.

Before starting Saltd Studio I worked in marketing and design with retail brands, lifestyle and wellness businesses, tech companies and nonprofits. I absolutely LOVE what I do, and truly enjoy partnering with people just like you!


owner, designer, beach enthusiast, avocado sushi Connoisseur, & cheese fry expert

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the year I began working in marketing as a social media manager


the coast, sunsets, interior design, visionary biz owners


dog mom-preneur to two sweet & sometimes crazy mini aussies


yep, i'm truly an organized nerd, and happily run business that way!


day: vanilla latte

night: red wine or a french 75


this studio came to life and began serving inspiring people like you!

behind the name

what's with the "salt"

Sea salt, season (as in timeframe), season (as in salty to taste)... there's a lot of meaning behind "Saltd Studio". Contrary to popular belief because I now live in the desert, I absolutely love the ocean and being by the water (it's where I feel most creative and inspired, and where I began my design journey living in Virginia Beach). Beyond that fun fact, here's a few more meanings behind the name...

Just like salt gives ocean water its distinct flavor, authentic design will create lasting and memorable impressions on your audience. Just like salt is used to clear roads during a storm, a thoughtful strategy will build a personalized roadmap for your brand to grow and thrive. And finally, at Saltd Studio we aim to be "the salt of the earth" - as transparent, helpful, creative, joyful and honest as possible! 

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Enduring businesses begin with compelling strategy and come alive through transformative design

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