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How to Grow Your Social Media in 2023

Social Media

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How to grow your social media audience, build community drive brand awareness. It’s time to adjust your approach and think of your profile as a resource center, not a sales page.

As we head into the new year, it’s time to reevaluate our social media strategies. It’s no secret that social media has been changing and rapidly growing lately. So, what worked in the past may not be as effective in the future. Here are some tips to prioritize your community and grow your social media in 2023.

It’s all about community

Connection over Copy and Paste

Engaging with other accounts is a great way to expand your reach. However, mindless comments like “Looks great!” or “Wow, keep it up!” aren’t going to cut it anymore. Instead, try to write genuine responses to each post to help drive connection and grow your community. Read the captions or really, truly digest the content of the post you’re about to comment on. Then, respond with a meaningful reaction, or share your own expertise on the subject!

Community over Chatter

Posting every single day is so 2022. Instead, prioritize content that adds value, provides substance, and drives community instead of posting just for the sake of it (chatter). Use insights from your account analytics and your 2023 business goals to create posts that solve problems and build relationships. Be the “you read my mind” behind your target audience’s frustrations!

Your profile is a resource center, not a sales page

Tips and Tricks over Trends

Trends are fun, but they are fleeting. Now I’m not suggesting that you ignore every trending audio or fun video out there, but it’s important to find a balance. Remember, the goal is to drive engagement and community. Algorithms are really prioritizing original content these days. So, try to create posts that solve problems and speak to your target audience. Consider how you can make your own fun and relatable content that doesn’t rely on trends – like an original meme, for example. If you’re struggling to pinpoint what your audience’s pain points are and/or WHO they are, check out our workbook to discover how to attract your dream clients.

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Reevaluate Your Reels

Reels are reel-y helpful for getting your content in front of fresh eyes. Lately, the advice has been to make fast-moving reels with a good “hook.” But I’d like to argue a different point. This isn’t a club with a strobe light. Think about it: you have to let people SEE it in order to WANT it! So let’s say your goal is to showcase your work or promote a new product launch, the key to boosting reel views and engagement is creating digestible content. Slow down just a tad to give your audience time to take in your video. If it’s too fast, you’re missing out on opportunities to demonstrate quality and expertise.

Strategy, strategy, strategy

Organic Only Content is Outdated

This might be controversial, but you shouldn’t be held back by some unspoken rule stating the only way to grow an account is organically. Boosting posts and/or running some ads absolutely has a place in 2023. If you want to promote your brand or reach new people, look at your analytics and goals, outline a strategic target audience, create a posting strategy, and then go for it!

Have at the Hashtags and Keywords

Sorry to say, but the debate on how many hashtags to use, and using less, is long gone. Social media networks are becoming more and more like search engines – everything is “searchable” now! Use your social media content strategy to research what your dream clients are googling or typing into that Instagram search bar. Next, use content-specific and industry-specific hashtags and keywords in your captions to help your content be seen!

By focusing on connection, original content, and community building, I believe you can absolutely grow your social media in 2023. Don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment and try new things, and most importantly, keep an eye on those analytics. Happy posting!


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